Monolith Markets is a boutique real estate investment company, sponsor and general partners, that believes in IMPACT for the long-term. We add value throughout our full service approach to all types of real estate investment instruments and funds while delivering strong cash-flow and returns. Monolith’s expertise runs the gamut of private and public real estate capital markets. We believe that aligning investments with values should not require sacrificing returns. With our foundation in the real estate and finance industry we work to leverage economic alignment with all involved parties to try and provide critical success in any investment environment. Our four key steps are project development and structuring, project formation and acquisition, general partner management, and asset disposition.


Institutional net lease specified private equity real estate provides attractive returns and steady cashflow. Private and hard money can provide an alternative to the traditional real estate investment. Passive investors looking for a bond-able type investments strategy, can generate long-term income stream through our many real estate investment structures, that can be tailored to each particular situation, fund or investor. We structure our funds for any size and scope of investor and they can be tailor-made using debt, equity or a blended approach. With a hands-on strategy that is designed to provide alignment, transparency and returns through any market cycle that is focused on a long-term conservative and proven process.


We strive to create and sponsor the best real estate alternative investment funds, including limited partnerships and institutional debt, equity and derivative funds.

  • Absolute net lease specified private equity real estate, sale-leaseback and 1031 exchange provides attractive returns and steady cashflow.
  • Real estate private and hard money loans can provide conservative LTV’s, diversification, transparency, early liquidation, cash flow and higher returns.


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